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Every masonry project at Brothers Paving & Masonry is done by the masonry experts who care about your backyard just as much as you do. The result is nothing if not an exceptional work of art that satisfies the client’s needs.

Top Quality Masonry


Masonry Construction

From curb appeal to simply making you smile when you return home after a long day at work, the outside of your home can impact your entire day. Beyond that, curb appeal can make or break the resale value of your home.

In addition to the home itself, we can create or enhance a wide array of exterior features swimming pools, decks, custom BBQs, stucco features, masonry walls and more.


Masonry Restoration

Your one stop for expert masonry repair on your most valuable, largest investment-your home. We specialize in matching the brick and mortar color of your home or building to allow for a virtually undetectable repair.


Concrete Construction

We understand how economic and durable concrete is. From the very beginning, we decided to work with every method in concrete to provide the service our customers need. We’re capable of managing this solid material and apply in all the projects you have imagined before.

Concrete work includes the following basic processes: preparation of the concrete mix, delivery of the mix to the construction site, pumping, distribution, and compaction of the mix in the formwork. The curing of the concrete is crucial for delivering lasting results. We later do quality control on the concrete work we delivered.

You can share your ideas with us, and we’ll build all your projects with concrete. From sidewalks and patios to commercial foundations and warehouse floors, concrete is the most affordable and durable material in the world.


Stoops & Steps

Brothers Paving & Masonry’s has installed many stoops and porches. We know the importance of your front entry. Not only do many new homes include stone porch entrances, but homeowners are adding stone porches to existing homes.

There are small porches, corner porches and porches that wrap the front of your home or run the length of your home. Porches are the perfect spot for a bench, chairs, a porch swing or a set of rockers.



You’ll be impressed with the integrity of our work and its alluring visual quality. Likewise, the workmanship we put into our walkways is unmatched and as you stroll your property, you’ll appreciate our craft.

Expand your outdoor living space with a custom walkway made from durable materials such as brick pavers or stone.



At Brothers Paving & Masonry you will find stunning patio designs to transform your backyard into a beautiful extension of your home. We build fully covered patios, lattice covers, combo covers, decks, and freestanding structures.

Adding value to your patio or backyard is essential for your home’s curb appeal and you can do so affordably with our wide selection of patio accessories, products and concrete work. Our designs are innovative and we’ve consistently produced stunning work in Long Island & surrounding areas.

Increase Your Home’s Value With
Quality Masonry Services

For top-quality brick masonry services that stay head and shoulders above the rest, we are the elite contractors you’ve been looking for. We can build the patio, driveway, retaining walls, or outdoor living spaces of your dreams with bricks and stones. Our design team will work closely with you during the project to ensure your dreams, goals, and budgets are met. All our masonry services will increase your home’s value and curb appeal.


Asphalt Driveways

From shopping center parking lots to driveways, when you need new asphalt paving and installation on your property, turn to Brothers Paving & Masonry. With asphalt, you'll get a smooth and durable surface that will last for years to come.

Unique Process

Brothers Paving & Masonry unique process make it quick and easy to get an idea of the cost associated with any of your projects, without having to spend hours of your time calling, emailing, and scheduling the inevitable "in person" estimate with a pushy salesperson or business owner. We're 100% committed to honesty and transparency.

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